Poem about death...

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Poem about death...

Post by repeldarkness11 »

Always in touch but never feel,
my minds a blank for its surreal,
grip the skin and watch it peal,
watch the rope, hangman's deal...
Grab your neck and shake it loose,
hold the gallows to cut the noose,
hang innocent men too wise to choose,
to prove him innocent then find the clues..
The fingerprints are no longer false,
midnight walkings while darkness calls,
the sin will rise as the sympathy falls,
can't hold the death, nothing stalls...
I ask you to listen as I need your attention,
Reality is misfortune to your apprehension,
Now you need to be taught a lesson,
Finish off this bloodshed session...
The hour is up as the clock chimes,
Its over and done with because you ran out of time,
you can't learn your lesson of this unfortunate crime,
his death is all but prime........
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Post by dmmsm »

hey i like it =)
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Re: Poem about death...

Post by happytimes »

thats really good.
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