My dad and Weed

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He also probably prefers it to you getting drunk which is much worse for you in general.

Dunno why people keep comparing salvia to weed, they're 100% difference with the exception that they're both green and you smoke them.
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Holly shit man, I wish I had you're dad :)
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N1c3 wrote:
Finneus J. wrote:heh, I suppose you're right. I'd have never thought of it that way. I'd say no, and ask for something more fun and legal, like salvia :D

It's not like weed is bad for you anyway -- it's the things you do under the influence that can be disastrous.
Not to mention that Salvia is much cooler!
I mean, last time I checked, you're not gonna get full scale hallucinations and enter other dimensions and fly through space or whatever on MJ, but you can on Salvia...
Ridiculous. Have you ever smoked weed? Salvia and weed are uncomparable, and weed wins by a landslide. I do enjoy salvia, but its not a "fun" experience, nor is it pleasant whatsoever. My longest salvia trip was 8 minutes long, the longest i've been on pot was for 2 and a half hours.

Weed, is slightly hallucinogenic, it won't ACTUALLY make you hallucinate, but it has valid properties that sometimes show themselves and make distortions. If you honestly think salvia is better thats your opinion, you can have it, just representing my side.

OP, thats the coolest shit ever. Let him do it. What do you have to lose? Weed is cancer-free (as reported by the FDA), does not cause loss of brain cells, and is non-addictive. Many of the people on the forum here are children still in middle school where the health teachers tell them that weed is addictive, alcohol will kill you in 2 sips. They lump all the " :evil: drugs :evil: " into one category hoping that the children will think that anything that is a drug will kill them. And then after all that the teachers go home for a bottle of wine, because the kids they were teaching are annoying.

Grow up guys. Even if you are completely baked, your mind compensates for your physical ailment. Many of my friends drive all the time, and are completely fine.
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Re: My dad and Weed

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tell your dad I am putting myself up for adoption
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Re: My dad and Weed

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Your so freaking lucky. My parents are the type that are brainwashed by the media and think all drugs will be laced with crack, get you addicted, and kill you. They're also convinced that I wouldn't try them. So you're all lucky, man.
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